You are a badass mother! #printable


I’m back with a new printable for Mother’s Day. I wanted something punchy, not soppy. 

I chose a strong message for all the super moms and I created a contrast with a soft and pastel illustration.

I propose you to pay tribute to your badass moms by downloading the file at the bottom of the article.

It contains two posters, two postcards, four pattern sheets, a cake topper and cupcakes toppers and gifts ornaments.

You just have to print the file (or just the pages you want) on printer paper for posters and patterns sheets or on card stock for decorations and postcards.

You will need cutter or scissors, glue or double-sided tape and skewer picks and toothpicks.

To make small gift packs, print the pattern sheets on printer paper and the decoration on thicker paper.

Cut the leaves and the tags.

Make your gift-wrapping and create a cross with the leaves.

Glue the decoration on top. You can use small squares of foam to give a relief effect.

To make a little gift bag, follow the instructions below.

Slip your gift inside and fold the pouch. Then, glue the label.

To decorate the cake, cut out the elements of the cake topper and some flowers.

Fix flowers on toothpicks and leaves on skewer with double-sided tape.

Put the cake topper and the flowers on the cake.

Use pretty frames to display the posters.

Use the pattern sheets to decorate the envelopes and the cupcake topper to close it.

With the sheets of patterns you can also make notebooks, decorate a box etc. Let your imagination run wild!

Download the file here 

I wish you a good weekend with your moms.

See you soon!

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