Vincennes zoo

Today I take you to the zoo of Vincennes.

This year we took a yearly subscription to the Natural History Museum to discover the different sites we didn’t know yet. I hadn’t been to the Vincennes Zoo for a very long time, to tell the truth I wonder if I wasn’t a child, haha!

The zoo was recently renovated. If you want to know more about its history you can click here.

The animals have a lot of space and the renovated areas make the zoo more enjoyable to visit.

What makes the zoo famous is the great rock of the monkeys. This is the original zoo rock from 1934. It is no longer accessible to the public today, but the teams are working on a renovation project to make it accessible to visitors again.

There are no more monkeys on the monkey rock, but baboons are installed in the lower part.

There are several large animals that have plenty of room to move and run.

I fell in love with meerkats. I could have stayed for hours watching them.

In the Amazon-Guyana biozone we saw more exotic animals.

We finished the course by the Amazon zone. The maki catta were making big hugs.

I hope you enjoyed the visit. Did you know this zoo?

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