Uderzo exhibition – Maillol Museum – Paris

I went to see the exhibition “Uderzo, like a magic potion” at the Musée Maillol.

I only knew Uderzo thanks to Asterix, but I didn’t know anything about his career and the rest of his work. The exhibition allows us to discover his youth, his first drawings, and his entire path to fame. He died a year ago at the age of 92 and it is to pay tribute to him that this exhibition takes place. To know more, you can go on the website of the exhibition. For my part I will show you my favorite works.

Here are some drawings from his early days. He had a very heterogeneous style and was inspired for a while by comics.

I discovered Oumpah-Pah, a series that first appeared in the Journal de Tintin in 1958. He did the drawings and his great accomplice Goscinny was in charge of the script.

My favorite part was the part about Asterix. You could see the evolution of the characters, tests of different styles (e.g. what Asterix would look like in the style of the Peanut’s etc.), tributes paid by other cartoonists and models.

An intruder is hiding on this picture.

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