Tattooed eggs for Easter


Today I propose you to decorate very quickly eggs for your table decoration or to offer.

This is a Diy for which I only had to help myself in my drawers. To tell the truth, this idea of customizing objects with ephemeral tattoos had been in my head for a while. I had a few Tattyoo boards that I had ordered to test their products in order to make tattoos that I would have designed. I still haven’t found the idea for these famous tattoos that I plan to propose to you one day, but I found one to use these boards. Actually I was planning to customize some vases and then I thought it would be nice to decorate some eggs.

To decorate your eggs you need :

  • eggs already emptied or that you will empty yourself
  • slate paint because it covers well and gives a smooth result.
  • ephemeral tattoos
  • a brush
  • a chopstick to hold the eggs.

Start by painting the eggs and let them dry.

Don’t hesitate to apply a second coat to avoid marks.

Cut out the tattoo of your choice.

Place it on the egg and wet it with a cloth, cotton or paper towel soaked in water. Avoid moving during the application because the surface of the egg is smooth and the tattoo could move.

Gently remove the protective paper and dab the tattoo if it has not adhered well to the surface.

“But I don’t have any tattoo boards” some people will tell me. No problem! I have the solution. Just print out an image you like and stick it on with napkin glue. For this post, I used some flower designs I made a while back that you can download here. Of course, either cut out the edges of the image well or take an image with the same background color as the egg.

When the paint on your egg is dry, apply the cut-out image with napkin glue. Don’t worry if you spill, it’s a glue that becomes transparent as it dries.

Apply the glue gently so as not to damage the paper.

If you ever broke an egg while emptying it or because curious and clumsy little hands (I’m talking about the miss here, who thought it was me?) squeezed the shell a bit too much, you can do like me and slip a little chick inside.

I chose tattoos related to the cuteness of the chick.

And here is a little chick too cute.

Use a box of eggs to display your creations as a centerpiece, for example.

Do you like it? I’ll be back soon with coloring pages for the kids and other DIYs.
If you make this DIY and share on social media tag me and add #DoItWithMrLapin

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