Spot the differences #printable

Hello! I hope you are well and that the confinement is not too hard to support.
Do you manage to juggle between children and work?

To keep busy your little ones, I offer you a second page of “The Farm” activity book. You can find the first one here.

There is a spot the differences game and a coloring page. You will find the files at the bottom of the article.

I also put the solution, which you can download separately if you ever can’t find all the differences. My little tester had a hard time finding the seventh, haha!

I hope you like it and that you will share on social networks. I really like to see my DIY at your home. Don’t forget to tag me or add #doitwithmrlapin.

I know that people pass through here thanks to statistics so don’t hesitate to leave me a comment because it always makes me happy.

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See you soon!

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