Sketchbook Monday #25

Hello! I hope you had a good vacation and that the start of the new school year isn’t too hard.

I’d like to take you on a little tour of my sketchbook. I should say “my sketchbooks” because I have several, depending on the technique I use.

I’ve drawn a few cats for International Cat Day. I chose to do a black cat because they are the least loved and most often abandoned cats. All because of stupid superstitions, whereas having a black cat is like having a mini black panther at home.

I created this page with drawings in Sharpie marker and Posca. I then cut out the cats and glued them onto a gold glitter sheet.


I went to the Natural History Museum and drew some insects.

I’m looking for ideas to put an illustration on my about page. I like my pencil pot head.


I really want to make some bird stickers. So I started by drawing pigeons, even though they’re far from my favorite birds haha.

The can you see in the photo is actually my pencil pot.

I’ve started some Halloween illustrations, which I’ll show you soon.

See you soon!

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