Sketchbook Monday #19

It’s been a long time since I published a Sketchbook monday post.

I’m not online much lately because I’m working on several things at the same time, but mostly because January is not the month I’m the most productive. The longer days will help me get motivated!

Sketchbook Monday

The first sketch is the one from the illustration I showed you here. I prefer the sketch to the final illustration. This one does not correspond to the result I wanted because I have less control of the brush than the pencil. I’m going to practice again with acrylic gouache. It’s not easy to put the right amount of paint on the brush so as not to make a mess and to master the gesture.

les croquis du lundi
sketchbook monday

To combat the winter gloom, I drew some happy fruits. I’ll probably make them into stickers. The pomegranate on the bottom left looks more like a fig than a pomegranate haha! That’s due to the color of the posca which looked more red to me than the result when dry.

I am redesigning the famous women I created a few years ago. The style didn’t suit me anymore. You can find the old illustration in my Redbubble store for a few more weeks.

I started with Serena and Venus Williams and since I liked the result, I moved on to Frida Kahlo. I will redraw all the ones I chose in 2018 and add more. I am still thinking about how to present them.

I’m also working on making animated gifs that I’ll share in giphy, but I’ll show you all that later. For now I’ll keep the sketches to myself.

See you soon!

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