Serres d’Auteuil Garden in Paris

Yesterday we enjoyed a day without rain to visit a place we had not seen yet : the Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil.

It is a garden built in the eighteenth century in the west of Paris on the decision of Louis XV. It includes greenhouses and flowerbeds. It will be redesigned and arranged over the centuries. Five main greenhouses are structured around a central parterre à la française. The frames of the greenhouses are made of cast iron painted in a very nice blue-green colour and characteristic of the period. The place is really charming, typical of the Parisian gardens. The greenhouses are divided into thematic collections (succulents, cacti, palm trees, begonias etc.). We couldn’t see everything because some parts were closed for renovation or because of the Roland-Garros tournament which opens today, so we will go back next time to see the rest.

Let’s see the pictures!

Here are some views of the garden. I had a crush on the big blue and white pots.

I found the system of shading blinds to be really ingenious. It fits perfectly with the rounded shape of the greenhouses.

Inside the greenhouses are flowers and plants of all kinds from around the world.

We nicknamed one of the greenhouses the 80’s greenhouse because all the flowers were fluorescent, haha!

My favorite part was the luxurious atmosphere of the greenhouses. In some of them the humidity was maintained by regular misting and high heat. If you go, be sure to take off your coat or sweater because it is very, very hot.

I hope you enjoyed the walk. Did you know the greenhouses of Auteuil?

See you soon!

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