Retro Lover #49

Since I don’t do too many yard sales anymore, “retro lover” posts have become quite rare.

I’m going to try to do more this year, if I can motivate myself to go out on Sunday morning haha!

A week ago, I received two parcels from friends on Instagram and I thoroughly enjoyed the surprises they contained.

In the first package were Italian storybooks and small activity books. The friend who sent them to me had gotten them in a bundle with something else. He thought I might enjoy them and I did!

The storybooks have pretty nice illustrations. I really like the flashy covers.

Passion rétro
Retro Lover

I love vintage activity books. I didn’t have any from the 80’s yet.

The friend who sent me these little treasures also slipped me a few pockets of images.

The second package was a total surprise and we can say that the friend who sent it to me was right on target! It contained a Topolino from the 70’s and two books by Alain Grée, one of my favorite illustrators.

All these books have gone to join my collections. I’m thinking of writing articles one day where I show you all the books I’ve collected over the years. Well, the ones I kept because I have to admit that I did a great sorting during our successive moves.

See you soon!

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