Retro Lover #48

Last week we went to a yard sale near our home.

It was not very important, but we found some interesting objects. My daughter found a One Piece figurine which makes calendar.

Mr. brought back this little comics book of the Masters of the Universe that was in the 80’s figurines boxes.

I found a Christmas book illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Ingela P. Arrhenius. It’s a little damaged on one page, but I couldn’t leave it.

I found a book about the private life of animals. I already have two volumes in this collection. The illustrations are beautiful.

And finally I found this cute little shelf with a vintage look. It didn’t really look like much with the stickers stucked on it, but I cleaned it up nicely. I can now display some vintage grocery store miniatures (I have a drawer full of them!). The saleswoman told me it was from the brand Petit Pan and that’s great because I love what they do, especially their fabrics. There are a few paint chips, but I think that adds to its charm.

Been to a yard sale lately? Any nice finds?

See you soon!

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