Mother’s Day 2022

Hello, I had time to prepare a printable for Mother’s Day.

I drew everything in Illustrator and even created a pattern that I will probably offer in my Spoonflower store because I think it is so pretty.

In the file you will find a card, pseudo masking tape, gift tags, patterns of different sizes.

mother's day

I also added a poster without “for mom” written in the tag that you can frame.

Print the card and labels on thick paper.

Not long ago I bought a punch to make rounded corners. It makes for a nice finish to the card.

You can use the patterned paper to decorate the inside of an envelope.

If you have multiple gifts, you can use the different pattern sizes to create a matching set.

Here is a nice set to make gifts for your mom.

As usual, you print only the pages that interest you. The file is of course for personal use (teachers can use it for their class).

The files are free as always, you will find them at the bottom of the post. If you want to support my work, you can buy me a coffee by clicking on the image below. People who know me know how addicted I am to coffee!

Feel free to share on social media. I love seeing my DIYs in your home. Don’t forget to tag me or add #doitwithmrlapin.

Leave me a comment, it always makes me very happy to read you.😊

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