I’ve been making themed decorations for my daughter’s birthday since she was four, but I have to admit that this year she set the bar very high.

Among her favorite manga of the moment, there is Mairimashita! Iruma-kun published by Nobi Nobi. She first discovered the anime on Crunchyroll. It’s the story of a human sold by his parents to a demon (yes it doesn’t look happy like that, but we laugh a lot). The demon pretends Iruma is his grandson and Iruma has to live in the world of demons, doing everything to avoid being unmasked. He goes to the demon school, eats demon food etc. I think it’s a very nice universe and it’s a change from the sad and tortured demon universes, so I recommend it.

So I was thinking about how to make a manga inspired decoration and it wasn’t easy. I thought I would find accessories etc. in the Halloween sections of party websites since it takes place in a demon world. Well, it’s not easy to find Halloween decorations outside of the Halloween season because they are often sold out. I still managed to find some items and ideas, you’ll tell me that you suspected it otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article, haha!

I’m not going to put up any links because the products I bought are no longer available. I think I’ve cleared out the last of the Halloween stock.

For the tablecloth, no problem, I already had a black one that I use for Halloween (found for a few euros).

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I found the perfect glasses: stemmed with gold and skulls. I went with three colors: red and black for the guests and purple for the party queen. The black and gold plates with bat flight are right in the tone I wanted to give to the table.

To arrange the appetizers and other potato chips, I chose simpler glasses.

I found some evil forked picks.

I made place cards based on an element of the costume of one of the main characters.

For the napkin rings, I looked for some images of one of the characters. I chose him because he has a lot of different expressions which was perfect for having different napkin rings.

To prepare this birthday I really went looking for the little details in the manga. By chance the school where our hero has to go has a big party at the beginning of the school year, which allowed me to find the idea of the lanterns. I drew the elements of the faces and cut the horns and the circles in thick black paper.

The last element of decoration: a centerpiece. I found illustrations of the main characters and created a manga-inspired backdrop: a rock with roots, the school gates and spider webs. I also created a happy birthday banner attached to spikes decorated with black and white masking tape.

Obviously who says birthday says cake. I saw this idea on Pinterest and unfortunately I couldn’t find the link. You can see the original cake here. I modified the design trying to give the character a bit of a fluffy feel. I made the little front legs out of marshmallows which I then covered with icing like the rest of the cake.

I will blow my own trumpet, but I think I deserve it: I did great! My daughter was very happy and that’s the main thing.

Did you like it? I’ll be back very soon with the lantern printable, it will make a very nice DIY for Halloween.

See you soon!

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