Life in a nutshell #9

Right now I’m busy with many things, but I’m stopping by because there are some new things around here.

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in France and I was very blessed. Mr. found me the fox I missed on a yard sale. I also received a beautiful book on Japanese design and a very cute little bird.

The miss drew me a very nice card of Polar, my favorite character from We Bare Bears.

We finally figured out how to arrange a small corner of the living room that is behind our sofa. Bye bye the white ikea dresser that has served us well for 10 years and make way for String shelves!

There was all my stuff in the dresser and it wasn’t easy to fit it all in boxes etc. I took the opportunity to sort out my stuff. I took the opportunity to sort out some things.

I am preparing the birthday of the miss. She gave me quite a challenge! The theme is the manga Welcome to demon school! Iruma Kun. I don’t know if you have read it, but I recommend it to you because it’s very funny.

I created and printed some egg cup stickers. There are a few details to work out, but I think they look pretty good, don’t you?

I am looking into opening a store with shopify. I don’t want to go through Et*sy anymore because it’s too expensive. You can already find some of my illustrations online.

See you soon!

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