Life in a nutshell #7

The Père Lachaise is close to our house, so I often go there. Sometimes I stop by to say hello to one of my favorite painters: Théodore Géricault.

We framed our Goldorak mirror which deserved a frame that matched its rarity.

I also framed my plant monster.

I went to two yard sales. I found the Orangina jar that I already had, but that had shattered. The type of glass it’s made of is very fragile, that’s why Orangina later made plastic straw holders (the jar on the left on the picture). I am very happy to have found these egg cups from the Caisse d’Epargne which will join my squirrel collection.

At a second yard sale I found this very kitschy mug from William and Kate’s wedding. I have a soft spot for the royal family, haha. I took the tapes mostly for the memory.

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