Life in a nutshell #2

Anticipating that it would be difficult to shop in Paris during the lockdown, we had thought about stocking up.

We had just bought new bookcases. I must admit that it’s not really what we planned to put in them. Luckily, nearby, we found a produce vendor that sold produce directly from the farmer, so we were able to buy some fruits and vegetables.

Finally, the lockdown was lifted and we were able to go out equipped with our masks.

I found a very nice book on kokeshi at the Japanese bookstore and some vintage odds and ends at a stationery store near me.

Since we were deprived of Japan because of Covid-19, we consoled ourselves by buying a rice cooker. The rice is perfect and it was the best purchase we could have made.

The garden behind our house is all green and it’s a great morale booster.

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