Life in a nutshell #19

It’s been a while since I’ve been here!

Between the vacations and my daughter’s trip to Spain, we have been busy. Here are the latest news.

Père Lachaise

I always enjoy wandering around Père Lachaise when the weather is nice. With the good weather coming back, I will go back more often.

The tomb of Allan Kardec, founder of spiritualism, is the most flowered in the cemetery. It is impressive, there are fresh flowers all around, proof that he still has many admirers and followers. If you want to know more, go here.

Japan Party

The Easter weekend, I went with my daughter to the Japan Party and Salon du Fantastique at the parc floral. It was very nice, we saw a lot of beautiful things.

If you want to go, I recommend you go on Saturday morning when it opens. There are very few people. We had the time to walk around the stands quietly without any rush. Around noon it started to get very crowded.

Here is what we brought back. I discovered a lot of great illustrators. You can find the links to their Instagram accounts on the pictures.

I had a big crush on the animated stickers from Moli Fernyx. It works with a QR code and an Instagram filter. My favorite is the coffee shop. It doesn’t open until after midnight.

I’ll put you some more videos because it’s really too cute.


This cute bunny was crocheted by Jonitha. If you like these kinds of little things, take a look at her Instagram.

La vie en bref

I won a contest at Amy Piou and received a nice set of stickers.

I found some Animal Crossing Pez at BHV.

I fell in love with this book about insects in Europe. Even if I don’t like them too much in real life, I admire their colors and patterns.

See you soon!

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