Life in a nutshell #18

Hello, I hope life is going well for you and that you were able to resist the winter viruses.

Take courage! The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising little by little, it is soon the end of the dull and sad days.

I don’t know if you’ve ever wandered through the marsh, but it’s a bit of a devil’s den haha. There are a lot of little stores selling very cute and tempting things, decoration etc. The last time we went there, we came across a store where we saw these sweet llamas that my daughter put in her wishlist.

I received my batch of Merveilles du monde tablets ordered during the Ulule campaign of the brand. They will soon be available in supermarkets. I don’t know if you remember these chocolate bars. They had disappeared from stores for 15 years before some enthusiasts decided to take over the brand. It was an opportunity to rediscover a little bit of our childhood. I admit that in my memory the bar was thinner, but to tell you the truth, it’s been so long since I had eaten one that I don’t know if I remember well haha!

We went to the Junku bookstore (Japanese bookstore near the avenue de l’Opéra). I took the opportunity to pick up Joranne’s new book about Japanese temples. I also started two manga series with cats that I had discovered on the blog of Livres et Merveilles.

la vie en bref
life in a nutshell

We made a trip to Action where we found Easter Pez and Super Mario. My daughter also found a cute truck to assemble and some metallic effect watercolor.

We also picked up two too-cute Easter decorations. The Easter decor is up, I’ll show you.

I also found this can perfect for making a pencil jar. I actually took it for that. I didn’t expect anything from the taste because I suspected it wouldn’t be great and I was still disappointed haha! I thought it would be nice and chemical, but no. You can barely taste it.

See you soon with Easter activities!

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