Life in a nutshell #13

As Père Lachaise is close to our home, I often go for a walk there.

On one of my walks I came across the grave of the author of l’Internationale.

A friend of mine used my Yokai lanterns file for her daughter’s Japanese themed birthday party. If you want to make them yourself you can find them here.

You can find these lanterns on the blog of Skylantern.

I went to the Samaritaine with a friend. I had never been inside since the renovation. The interior is worth a visit, but I’m not so keen on the façade on the rue de Rivoli.

I found a glass dome at Ikea for my little Golden Girl Sauvage. I have to find a stand for it because for the moment it is held up by masking tape haha.

We went to a garage sale that was very disappointing, but luckily I found some treasures. I finally got my hands on a little piggy bank made in Japan and was able to expand our pin collection.

I found some very nice sticker sheets at Flying Tiger. We’ve got the Halloween decorations out, I’ll show them to you in another post.

What’s new for you?

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