Life in a nutshell #10

June has been a busy month with the end of the school year, Mr.’s trip, mu daughter’s birthday etc.

I found a new planner here. I buy my planners when the new collections are about to come out so I can take advantage of clearance prices. This year I was especially lucky because I found one designed by a blogger I love. I also picked up some masking tape and matching sheets.

We celebrated my daughter’s birthday, I tell you about it here.

I found the perfect gift for Father’s Day that reminds us of the 80’s: a kind of viewmaster with a disc that you can personalize with your own pictures. You can find several websites online that offer this. All of them come from the United States so plan to order it in advance. (I blurred the pictures, in real the quality is very good).

My daughter decorated the box by drawing a kind of Memphis pattern with posca on black paper.

We went to the Japanese quarter. It’s one of our favorite places in Paris. We went to the Japanese bookstore Junku. Every time we go there, we have to resist very hard not to buy everything. I fell in love with the packaging of the Tombow pencil boxes, but I didn’t take any because there was only one kind of lead hardness per box.

We also went to Moshi Moshi because we needed some utensils. If you like kawaii and pretty Japanese dishes and decoration, go there. There is also an online store.

We are really looking forward to the end of the school year so we can take a breather. Only two days left!

See you soon!

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