Life in a nutshell #5

Hello, I’m inaugurating a new section for everything that is daily life, my favorites, my readings etc.. In short, life.

I received my IPad stand and I have to say it is a life changer. The tablet is angled perfectly. The working position is perfect. If you are looking for the perfect position to draw, I recommend this stand (this post is unsponsored!). You can find the info here.

I found this nice Japanese cookbook. It is thick, very complete and the recipes are easy to follow. It may lack some pictures, but that’s my personal taste for cookbooks with pictures. I tested a few recipes and it was a success each time.

I framed this beautiful poster found in a Piscou Magazine. It was illustrated by Yeaaah! Studio.

A young tit visited us on the balcony. She stayed a while because she was waiting for her parents to feed her.

Here is the latest news. What about you? What’s new at home?

See you soon!

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