Kodomo no hi – Children’s day #2023

Do you know the Japanese holiday of Kodomo no hi?

It takes place on May 05. It is a holiday that honors children, boys and girls, and celebrates mothers.

On this occasion, houses are decorated with a pole called Koinobori on which paper or silk carps are hung. This fish is a symbol of success, courage, longevity and good growth. If you want to know more about it, I advise you to read this post from the site Vivre à Tokyo.

I wanted to draw these carps for the occasion. I love Japanese culture and I sometimes draw illustrations inspired by it.

I chose pastel tones and a slightly vintage paper texture.

The drawing was done on Ipad Pro with the Procreate app.

kodomo no hi

Do you also like Japan? Do you know this holiday?

See you soon!

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