Inktober 2019 – 1


Some of you may be familiar with the Inktober challenge. Every year in October, a list of words is proposed and the challenge is to make an illustration per day with ink.

Last year I followed the list with the theme of femme fatales (see here). I drew all the illustrations on Procreate.

This year I decided to put it back, in a different style, all in shades of gray and always on Procreate. I chose not to follow the list. Instead, I make portraits of famous movie monsters and villains trying to make them cute.

Here are the first ten.

See you soon!

Day 1 – Vampire
Day 2 – Frankenstein’s Monster
Day 3 – The Joker
Day 4 – Immortan Joe
Day 5 – Werewolf
Day 6 – Ogre
Day 7 – Oogie Boogie
Day 8 – Pennywise
Day 9 – Scarecrow
Day 10 – Freddy Krueger
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