A few weeks ago, when we went to see the Cluny museum, we tested a place that opened recently and that I absolutely wanted to go to: the gelateria Girotti.

You are probably asking yourself why I was so excited to try this place. For two reasons: it’s a real gelateria with real ice cream from Italy and the owner is Mario Girotti, better known as Terence Hill.

Of course, if you are more than 20 30 40 years old you will know who he is and it will bring back childhood memories like me. For the others, I summarize: he is an Italian actor known mainly as a western actor. If you are a fan of westerns and Sergio Leone, you must know some of his movies. The most famous one is My name is nobody. It’s a movie in which he stars with Henry Fonda. We watched it recently with the miss who liked it a lot.

The restaurant

A few years ago, Terence Hill decided to relaunch his great uncle’s gelateria in the village of Amelia in Umbria (if you don’t know this region of Italy, I suggest you go there, it’s beautiful… like the rest of Italy you’ll tell me). He recently opened a new outlet that is a café, restaurant and gelateria on boulevard Raspail in Paris.

The place is a nice tribute to Terence Hill and westerns, we liked the decoration I was close to buy a figurine.

There are also some winks to his sidekick. I think if you know Terence Hill you know who I’m talking about… Bud Spencer! He is present on some goodies and posters. In the room where the tables are located, a television was playing a movie with the two friends.

The menu

Let’s talk about food because that’s why we came.

With my daughter we had taken farfalle with beans (pasta e fagioli). It was very good, the pasta was obviously cooked to perfection.

Mr. had taken a tramezzino (sandwich) with focaccia.

We were also able to taste different types of focaccia thanks to the small pieces that were offered in a basket. The dough is light and crispy.

For dessert we had ice cream and mamma mia! This is probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had. It is thick and creamy, no air injected to make the ice cream swell as we can see sometimes to give the impression that there is more ice cream. The ice cream is quite heavy and I found that two scoops made for a hearty dessert.

There are enough different flavors to satisfy everyone and, icing on the cake, it is possible to take some away as we usually do at the ice cream shop when we go to Italy.

If you are in the neighborhood I really recommend you to stop at Gelateria Girotti especially to eat an ice cream, it would be a shame to miss it. As for me, I think I’ll go back and get some gelato to go. 😋

See you soon!

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