Fun with faces : a Charly Clements challenge #3

Charly Clements proposed again his Fun with Faces challenge from January 30th to February 5th.

I had already participated in her challenge twice, but never made it to the end of the list. You can see those previous entries here and here.

If you don’t follow Charly Clements on Instagram, I suggest you do. Her illustrations are colorful and joyful, she gives tips and also offers tutorials.

Fun with faces : Prompts

Fun with faces is a one week challenge with a list of three words for each day. As you may have gathered from the name of the challenge, it is about drawing portraits. The faces must be the main subject of the illustration, but you can add a decor etc.

My illustrations

This time I managed to do one drawing a day for a week. I chose to use an identical texture for all the illustrations because I wanted to create a coherent unit.

The drawing is fast and without outline and I didn’t think too much about the composition. Usually a quick sketch was enough to fix the image I had in mind. Some days I didn’t even make a sketch and went straight to drawing. You can see some sketches in this post.

The software used is Procreate on Ipad pro.

Let’s see the illustrations!

Day 1 : Fruit, wavy hair, dream

At first I did this portrait without glasses, but I felt that something was missing. With the glasses the character is more complete.

fun with faces

Day 2 : teal, white ahir, botanical

The teal color that was imposed directed me to a pretty pastel palette. I made a background suggesting a garden but without putting too much detail.

Day 3 : insect, red lipstick, vintage

I had fun drawing the background pattern.

Day 4 : scarf, pattern, sunglasses

This illustration has a very 80’s aesthetic. For the background pattern I used my Memphis pattern that you have already seen here.

Day 5 : rainbow, afro, clouds

I like the details like the glasses and the earrings.

Day 6 : grumpy, animal, short hair

Of course when the words “grumpy” and “animal” came up in the list, I just had no choice but to visualize Grumpy cat, and then I had the idea to add a sidekick just as grumpy as him. I don’t think they like their haircuts too much haha!

Day 7 : eyeliner, ribbons, smile

While I was drawing this illustration I kept thinking “this girl reminds me of someone…”. When I showed it to my husband he said “you drew Fifi Longstocking?” That’s where I had seen it! It’s the red braids effect I guess.


This challenge was a good opportunity to make a series of coherent illustrations, with the same style. It also allowed me to get out of the torpor of January. I had almost not drawn since the beginning of the month.

I’m happy with all my illustrations, but I have a preference for days 1, 4 and 6. What about you?

Do you also participate in artist challenges? Which ones?

See you soon!

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