Folktale Week 2018 : an illustrator challenge on Instagram

In October, a group of illustrators launched a challenge on Instagram. We had to post a drawing a day by following a prompt list.
The theme was childrens fairy tales. Here is the list drawn by Jennifer M Potter who was one of the illustrators promoting the challenge.

The others promotors were : @tanja_stephani, @shelly_laslo, @matejalukevic, @louve.draws, @laure_illustrations, @debrastyer, @sandiesonke, @rachaelschafer, @heycasshey, @sofiamoore_studio, @carolinebonnemuller, @sinulee, @devonholzwarth et @juliachristiansde. Look at their IG accounts. They are so much talented.

To announce my participation, I drew the big bad wolf.

For some words it was easy to find an idea (there is an infinite number of tales happening in a forest!) but for others it was complicated (for example for the word insect), but I managed to draw something each time.

I leave you with the illustrations I drew for the challenge. Some are from famous tales, others are out of my imagination. I drew all of them on my Ipad Pro with the Procreate app.

What’s your favorite?

See you soon!








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