Easter Rabbit Garland #printable


This year I hadn’t planned any Easter decorations or chocolates at all because we had to go to Japan, but things didn’t go as planned (sniff), I brought out the box of Easter decorations.

So I started preparing a few things. We also found some chocolates for egg hunting.
Today I suggest you download a garland with cute and colorful bunny heads.

To make this garland, you will need the file, scissors, masking tape and a twine.

Start by cutting out all the elements. If you have a cutting machine, you will find the file at the bottom of the article.

Glue the small knots (if you want) on the rabbits using a thick double-sided or with a piece of cardboard. The idea is to create a relief.

Put all the elements in place and choose a twine.

Turn the elements over and fix the string with tape.

Your garland is ready to hang!

The files :

I hope you like it. Are you going to make an Easter decoration this year?

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See you soon!

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