Easter #printable


Today I propose you a very cute Easter printable. I had the idea to make a rabbit wrap when I saw the Marks & Spencer chocolate carrot. Then, I saw the chocolate Rabbit from Hema and I decided to create also a fox. (not sponsored)

To make them, you need :

  • The file (at the bottom of this post) printed on thick card stock
  • Transparent food bags
  • Scissors, cutter
  • Glue, double-side adhesive tape
  • Carrot and rabbit chocolates

Cut the rabbit and the fox.

Put the double-side adhesive tape around the hole.

Put a transparent bag on the adhesive.

Cut the bags and fill them with chocolates.

Apply glue on the upper part. Do not apply it on the lower part to put your fox on the table.

Stick the two parts together.

Do the same with the rabbit.

Your bags are ready for Easter! You can use them to decorate your Easter table.

With the two patterned sheets you can make tiny baskets, wrapping paper, boxes etc.

I wish you an Happy Easter with your friends and family!

If you make this DIY, tag me or add #DoItWithMrLapin. 

See you soon!

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