Easter Printable pack

This year I wanted to propose you a printable to keep children busy. If you celebrate Easter with your family, you know that they can feel that time goes slowly when the Egg hunt is over.

This printable will take them busy for a long time with coloring pages, Easter cards, labyrinth, memory or garland etc. The entire file is in black and white.

You can use the garland page to make a garland obviously or for your table decoration.

For the memory game you need to glue a colored thick paper sheet behind the printable sheet.

My daughter love to draw the rabbit face and she made two rabbit, a boy and a girl that look at each other. <3

I hope you like this printable. If you make this with yours children, you can share on the social networks with #DoItWithMrLapin.

See you soon and have a Happy Easter!

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