Easter bunny with honeycomb paper #project

I was telling you about it yesterday, I planned to make some Easter crafts with honeycomb paper. I started with an Easter bunny.

When I was sorting through our moving house after moving house, I found a block of honeycomb papers in the pile of creative materials I store. This time, I thought I’d put them away where I could see them so I’d remember that I wanted to use them. I now avoid “hiding” my materials in places I can’t see or I forget I have them. This method also prevents me from buying materials that I already have.

To make this Easter Bunny, I was inspired by the vintage honeycomb decorations you may have known as a child. When I was little, we had a Santa and a snowman I believe. I loved those decorations. You can sometimes find them on Etsy.

Thanks to Pinterest I was able to find lots of examples about Christmas, Halloween or Easter.

So I drew a rabbit and did a test. I think it will look great once I get the proportions of the egg and the bunny right because I printed the bunny too big (you can see that it sticks out of the notebook haha). The egg was supposed to hide the paw in the background, which is why I didn’t draw it.

lapin de Pâques
Easter bunny

Did you know about these decorations? Does it bring back memories?

I found a picture from my childhood where Santa Claus is visible! I’ve put a detail of the photo.

See you soon for the final realisation!

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