Bussi l’ours Magazine #printable

During one of our yard sale excursions, I came across a magazine I didn’t know at all: Bussi l’ours.

Apparently this children’s magazine of German origin was published in the second half of the 1980s in France. There were more than 100 issues published. I was already too old for that kind of reading which is why I didn’t know about it. A lot of people on Instagram told me it brought back memories.

I found these magazines so cute that I have scanned them to share with you. You can find the links at the bottom of the post.

Bussi l'ours

The magazine is composed of games, activities and stories.

The two issues I found were Easter themed. Luckily, the activities had not been cut out. We found cards, tags and decorations to cut out.

I scanned one of the activity pages and edited it in illustrator into a coloring image.

Once we colored these pictures, we used them to make the craft proposed in one of the issues. We used them to present chocolates.

I cut out a big cardboard tube and some backgrounds from featherboard. I put it all together and covered it with pretty paper and masking tape.

Then we glued the bunnies onto the tubes. I had made sure to print the bunnies on the back of a decorated sheet of paper so it would look nicer.

We then filled the tubes with bags of small eggs and chocolates.

I let you discover in the magazines the other activities proposed. Click on the links to download.

Have fun!


This is a repost of a 2015 post that I had deleted because I had lost the files.


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