A Retro Squeaky Toy : Pouet Matelot Delacoste #printable

Recently, I gave this lovely Delacoste sailor pouet to my mother. I was waiting for it to arrive at her house to show you the packaging I created.

I didn’t want to just give it away like that, so I came up with the idea of presenting it as it was originally, in a clear bag with a cardboard label. I poked around, searched and flipped the internet and couldn’t find its label. I found plenty of examples of the Delacoste brand, but they were all custom packaging based on the theme of the pouet. So I thought I would create the label myself by drawing a vintage sailor.

I then printed the label and pulled out my awesome Silhouette Cameo machine to cut it out neatly. I found a clear bag in my drawers, double-sided the label and put it together.

I took the brand logo and added the address and the “sanitized” label like on the original packaging.

pouet matelot delacoste

And here is a little sailor ready to be offered.

If you need it, here is the printable. Since there was a bit of space, I added two gifted tags to the page 😉

Do you know the Delacoste pouets? Maybe you collect them? I found this little pouet in a 1966 Delacoste catalog that you can see on this site.

If you are good, I will show you my collection of pouets. By the way, if you like yard sale finds, I have a special category on this subject (more posts in french here).

See you soon!

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