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Zelda and I have been a very long story because one of my very first video games was Link’s Awakening on Game Boy.

Since then, I have played several games from this saga until the very recent Zelda: Breath of the Wild which I have only just started.

As I like this universe a lot, I thought to myself that I was going to offer you a Christmas printable on this theme. I wasn’t inspired by any particular game, I just drew things that I like or that are representative of that game.

I made a sheet of tags and patterned paper with various background colors.

To make pretty packages, download the files at the bottom of the post and print! I have also shared the label file for use with a Silhouette cutting machine.

I recommend that you print the labels on a bit thick paper and the wrapping paper on printer paper.

With A4 sheets you can wrap little books, CDs, Blu-rays, video games etc. To make larger sheets, print one of the pages several times and assemble by lining up the pattern.

Add a nice string and a tag. And here are some nice packages for Zelda fans.

Files to download

You can also hang these labels in your Christmas tree like I did with the Super Mario decorations you will find here.

Of course these files are for personal use only. If you share them, consider sharing the article link directly, not the files.

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See you soon!

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