Very Cute Christmas Tags #printable

Hello! Today I had a kind of vision, an idea of ​​illustration that came to me suddenly. I put myself in front of the tablet and everything has flowed from source, cute little animals have appeared. So I’ve prepared a quick printable that you can download at the bottom of the article and decorate your gifts.
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Christmas with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris

Last saturday, we took our car. We told to the Miss that we were going to the storage unit… It was not a pleasant project for a Christmas Eve, don’t you think? After twenty minutes or so, she asked : “where are we going?”. I answered : “Oh, we are going to a new shopping center.” Finally, arrived at the entry of the park, she discovered the surprise and she was more than happy! Continue reading

Portraits Christmas Tags #printable

To change the usual gift tags and make it easier for the miss to identify who each gift is for, I came up with the idea of ​​printing photos of different family members on tags. Then, I told myself that I was going to do something more personalized by drawing the portraits myself. I chose to keep only the head which thus becomes the label.

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