Halloween Treat Bag #printable


I have prepared a last-minute printable for wrapping Halloween candies. For this DIY, I did not invent anything, but I just took the idea of ​​packaging that you have probably seen here and there on Pinterest.

Supplies :

  • the file printed on thick paper (file at the bottom of the article)
  • scissors
  • glue or double-sided and masking tape
  • transparent bags
  • a large white sheet and a large black sheet

Cut out all the elements.

Cut the black sheet to make the packaging. It must be three times wider than the base of the bat. For the height, it’s however you want.

Fold the sheet to make three equal parts and then stick the bat’s head in the middle.

On the sides, cut out a shape to make like wings.

Fill a bag of candies and stick it in the middle.

Do the same with the ghost.

Use the small elements to decorate the packaging.

To hold, fix with a matching masking tape.

And here are two packaging so cute!

Here are the files :

PDF for hand cutting

File for the cutting machine (to unzip)

I hope you like it. I wish you a happy Halloween. Our program is to watch movies under the duvet while eating candies.

Feel free to leave me a note below and show me your DIY on social networks by tagging #DIYbyMisterLapin

See you soon!

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