Do it like a girl!


I made a calendar for my daughter. I chose to call it “Do it like a girl!” to thumb her nose at the negative connotation of the expression “run like a girl”.

I wanted to show that “girls” can do extremely positive things, without necessarly revolutionizing the world or being rebellious, just by being themselves and doing what they want to do. I truly believe that give our daughters positive examples will allow them to give their best and to not refrain from doing an activity because the society tell her it is “for boys”.

I wanted to draw the portraits of these women and my daughter asked me for a new calendar. So I thought it was a good idea to make a empowerment women calendar. Every day she will see that women can do big things in all aeras of human activity.

I selected 12 women et and I tried to give priority to the diversity. I wanted to represent all kind of women. I searched, I tried, I made lists, I found a font that was a bit funny, added colors and finally I made a calendar I’m happy with.

I first made two quick sketches of Frida Kahlo and after an Instagram survey, I chose the left style.

I also created a poster and I will print some poster and card to sell in my shop.

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