Christmas with Super Mario #printable


This is an article I did not plan to do at all. It all started when we finished decorating the tree. Something was missing on the top.

I thought I was going to draw something and over the stylus, I ended up making a Mario on a star. I shared my illustration on Instagram and my followers loved it, so I decided to share it here … and then I found the sheet a bit empty so I added some decorations.

To hang them in the tree you just need some twine (preferably colored to stay in the world of Mario), masking tape and scissors and the file to print of course!

For the lucky ones who have a Silhouette cutting machine, I put the file at the bottom of the post.

Start by cutting the different parts.

Then attach the string to the back of the decorations with masking tape.

You can also hang several decos on a single twine as I did or make garlands.

For the tree-topper , stick a strip of thick paper at the back, roll it and fix it with staples or other. The important thing is that the support is not too wide to hold well at the top of the branch. If you make it too wide it will slide down.

It’s time to decorate your tree!

You can also use the decorations as gift tags. I know more than one geek who would be happy to have these labels!

Do you like it? Do you have geeks around you who would like it? Or maybe will you keep them for yourself? haha!

The Files
PDF to cut by hand
File for the cutting machine Silhouette

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See you soon!

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