An Immortal Cactus For The Teacher #printable

At the end of the year, my daughter always prepares a small gift for her teacher. The idea of ​​this printable came to me after finding these little pots.

To make this DIY you can use my printable or not. If your child has enough skill in drawing and cutting to create a bouquet by himself, let’s do this! That’s what the miss will do this weekend.

The file to download is at the bottom of the article. I even put the cutting file for use with Silhouette Cameo for those of you who have one.


The file printed on a thick sheet of paper

Two little pots


Cardboard circles and brown paper

Glue, scissors, a cutter and a glue gun

Some little gifts or candies to hide in the pots

Start cutting all the parts.

Arrange the elements in pairs, paying attention to the white line. Glue the similar faces together.

You must get 4 pink cactus elements, 2 green cactus elements, 6 flower elements.

Glue the brown paper on the cardboard circles.

Cut the notches along the white lines and assemble.

In the cardboard base, draw a cross with the cutter. Put some glue on the bottom of the cactus and push it into the cross.

Do it for all the cacti and glue the flowers on the top.

Decorate the pots with the tattoos. Fix them with masking tape then wet them.

And here is a pretty heart!

With the glue gun, create a rim inside the pot so that the cardboard circle stays horizontal.

Put the cacti on the pots and it’s done.

The teacher can then fill them with candies to give themselves courage or with paper clips, bugs etc.

For a florist effect, pack everything in a transparent bag and add a label.

Click on the links to download the files

File to cut with scissors

File to cut with Silhouette Cameo(File to unzip)

I hope you like it. Feel free to leave me a comment below and show me your realisation on social networks by tagging #DIYbyMisterLapin

See you soon!

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